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This is a beautiful exotic wood. It is called Tiger-wood. In the living room, we installed 5" wide planks that were 3/4" thick. However, the entrance opposite the fireplace opens into the hall of the addition which has radiant heating in the floor. For this reason we had to use a more stable product. We used an engineered product. These 2 products came from different manufactures, but if you check out the last photo in the slide show, you will see how we married these two products and dealt with these differences. Look at the wood in the threshold between the two rooms. It’s really remarkable how well it turned out, particularly since the jobs were done a year apart.

This is some engineered wood that we used over radiant heating.

hardwood 2
hardwood 3
hardwood 4


hardwood 5

Laminate flooring is usually a picture of wood planks that gets repeated over and over. It doesn't look very authentic, so we prefer to use laminate that has a ceramic tile look. In this picture we defined the entertainment area from the pool table area and used a plain tile for the border.

Ceramic Tile

For this side entrance and large mudroom we used 5 different size slate tiles (24"x24", 24"x16", 16"x16", 12"x12", 6"x6"). This interesting combination of sizes and variation in colours prepares you for entering this very beautiful and unique home.

The warm tones, symmetry of size of tile along with the small narrow tiles in the border enhances the Asian details in this entrance.

The idea here was to create a more tropical room for coming in from the pool. The smooth warm colour tiles increase the sense of space and are very low maintenance.

Ceramic tile 3
Ceramic tile 4

This large tile was a real challenge to install because the stripe effect was not apparent until several tiles were laid out. The centre motif was a separate tile. The fact that the doors to the living room and dining rooms were at an angle added another level to the problem. It eventually worked out with the stripe falling right in the doorways. Initially the client thought she’d just have the ceramic come to the straight line in front of the entrance and carpet the rest. She was not disappointed with the beautiful, expansive entrance that the tile created.

A 4" x 4" red and grey marble tile was used in this condo to give the kitchen some colour and interest.

Ceramic tile 5


People worry about using a large tile in a small room. Actually the effect is the opposite. It seems the brain says to itself: "large tile must be a large space". (These tiles are 24" x 24")

A real variety of sizes were used in this shower, to the small triangular pieces (all cut individually) to create the listello feature of the border.

This shower has added interest by using various sizes of subway tiles that run horizontally. The warm earthy blend of colours and the glass door/wall gives the room and an exotic spa-like feel.

showers 2
showers 3

We opened up this space by changing the door to glass. We removed the tub, created a shower/steam room with a bench the length of the space and placed an inset soap shelf in the tile. The glass etching is the same on the shower panels and on the door to the room.

Another large walk-in shower with the feeling of a spa!

showers 4

Area Rugs

area rugs

The general rule for area rugs is to have the rug go under the legs of the furniture. In open concept rooms a large area rug tends to define a conversational or eating area. Area rugs absorb sound, add warmth and define space.

area rugs 2

This client wanted a black and white room. We have taken the chevron shape created by the piano lid and repeated it in the corners of the custom made area rug, using black and charcoal to transition to the white.

The chevron shape is repeated in the table stand. The curtains were a silky white sheer made into an operable balloon shade. Remember, a black and white room needs a touch of red.

Her husband’s job was to see that she always had a single red rose to sit on the piano!

area rugs 3

This client wanted this custom rug to fit the room, but did not want the motif to be under furniture. We decided to take the shape and colours of the small rose buds in the fabric on the sofa and use that in creating the motif. The green joins the buds like a stem.

This thick green shag rug was the perfect mid tone between the greens on the walls. It creates a coziness that was missing in the room.

area rugs 4
area rugs 5

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